Royal Mail se misca cu talent… saptamana a inceput bine!!!

Anul trecut a trebuit sa astept 1 luna pentru o felicitare de ziua mea  dar numai 2 zile lucratoare saptamana trecuta pentru acesta carte la care ravnesc de foarte multa vreme. Si pe care, din lipsa de loc in bagaj saptamana trecuta, a trebuit sa mi-o expediez prin posta! Se vede treaba ca daca vrei ceva cu adevarat intreg universul….stiti voi restul :-)

Am prea multa treaba, altfel m-as arunca in lectura imediat. Totusi, n-am putut sa ma abtin sa nu rasfoiesc…Kathleen Ferrier ii scrie lui Rudolph  Bing (din tren!) pe 22 octombrie 1948:

“My dear Rudi,

Your letter arrived this morning. Thank you very much for asking me to sing Ulrica. I went immediately and borrowed a score, and studied it carefully yesterday – after our telephone conversation. I don’t mind a bit appearing as an eldery witch (!), but I feel that the tessitura is high and that I should be inclined to tie myself  in knots. Roy H won’t let me do the Verdi Requiem for the same reason. (He also says there is a lack of heat in the blood for such things!! This I am determined to prove him wrong one day!)”

O saptamana frumoasa, operatici!


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