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Sus pe scari, jos pe scari. Limite si provocari :-)

Am zis ca reproduc pasajul despre provocarile regizorilor de opera. E cu happy ending. Thanks to Jessye.


“Of course, those who work with singers must understand and respect that we are musicians who carry the musical intrument inside the body. I have found that, far too often, stage directors for the opera envision what they wish the stage to resemble, with no understanding or willingness to explore how their vision melds with reality or how it will affect the musicians with whom they are working. Such was the case during one production when a young colleague of mine was having a moment with our director, who was demanding that the singer run up a series of stairs while singing. Now, their discussion had nothing at all to do with my own role, but I was in a busybody mode and things were reaching an unpleasant level, even though only slight changes were needed. With the hope of calming the waters, I took a moment during one of our rehearsal breaks to make a suggestion to the director in a cheery “Let’s talk about this” manner. I relayed that it was simple physics, and the physiological use of the breath made it possible to run down a flight of stairs and sing, but that running up the same flight of stairs while singing was not something that one could manage easily. A singer with empty lungs from having a run up a flight of stairs against gravity would need a few seconds for physical recovery: only then could there be singing. I understood the dramatic intentions here, but there were real physical limitations to realizing these intentions.

And yes, aginst his will, I made a friend of this director. And my young colleague performed fantastically.” (Jessye Norman, “Stand up Straight and Sing)



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