Ce ar lua Jonas Kaufmann pe o insula pustie…

Tot la ultimul numar din “Gramophone” sunt cu lectura. Tot la materialul despre Hall of Fame. Textul pentru Fritz Wunderlich a fost scris de Jonas Kaufmann. Si pentru ca poza s-ar putea sa nu va ajute, transcriu textul mai jos:

“Fritz Wunderlich was in a league of his own. In every recording of his I know, there’s so much passion, love and energy – as if it were the last performance of his life. Even lines in operas or operettas which can seem a bit shallow sound like the most beautiful things in the world when he’s singing them.

I’d take his recording of “Granada” to my desert island: singing this hit, he’s bursting with energy. Or maybe I’ll take Mahler’s “Das Lied von der Erde”. Those ecstatic moments in the drinking song are simply mind – blowing. To be able to enthral an audience just once the way Wunderlich did again and again – well, that would be amazing!”


Draga Jonas,  avem gusturi asemanatoare…si eu iubesc “Das Lied von der Erde”, mi se pare o muzica sublima. Dar pentru insula pustie merg cu “Granada” ca sa-mi pastrez optimismul…

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